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What is Jack's Mother's Name?Starts with a C.
Who is Josh's replacement?Josh a TGS actor from the earlier seasons.
What body part is Liz extremely self-conscious about?She even covers up this body part on the beach!
Kenneth, Grizz and ______ are part of Tracy's entourage.Think internets.
Liz's staff enjoys making fun of this character.He is also on Liz's staff.
Liz's pilot boyfriend.He has a 'girl name.'
Jack has one of these and tries to hide it from Don Geiss.A medical condition.
The boyfriend Liz hates.He shares his name with a rapper.
Liz's fantasy boyfriend.Three words.
Jack's first wife.Starts with a B.
What instrument does Jack play?Condoleezza Rice can play piano better than he can play this instrument.
Company doctor.His last name has a humorous spelling.
This company buys NBC.From Philadelphia.
Jack's assistant.He has a crush on Jack.
Jack's nemesis. He is homosexual.
Liz's hometown.'It's not as nice as it sounds.'
Frank is what nationality?Think last names.
This man inspires Jack.He was a president.
Jack is convinced not to get a vasectomy by this person.After reading his acrostic.
Jack's daughter's name.Starts with an L.

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