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Established colony of Roanoke
French explorer who established New Orleans
Virginia's Royal Governor, later involved in founding of Carolinas and New Jersey
Planted 1st permanent settlement in South Carolina
Famous enlightenment thinker, who helped draw up South Carolina's Fundamental Constitutions
Founded Georgia
Married Powhatan's daughter (Pocahontas), forming a temporary alliance between the people of Jamestown and the Indians
English economist who came up with mercantalism
Powhatan's successor, who led attacks killing 1/5th of Virginia's white population
Family who founded Maryland
King of England who passed the Navigation Acts
Led a rebellion in Virginia in 1676
Led a rebellion in Maryland in 1689
Massachusetts Bay Colony's 1st Governor; gave famous 'city on a hill speech'
Established 1st English settlement in Connecticut
Founded Rhode Island
Woman who was exiled to Rhode Island by the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her controversial teachings
Led Wampanoags in war against Puritans in 1676
Quaker who founded Pennsylvania
King of England who combined New England colonies into the Dominion of New England (1688)
Royally Appointed Governor of the Dominion of New England
Famous Delegate from Pennsylvania; Helped unite colonies and convince France to join the Revolution War
Led the Green Mountain Boys in Vermont in a resistance against New York farmers
Leader of the Stono Rebellion, the largest slave revolt of the colonial period
Preacher during Great Awakening who combined God's grace with portrayals of damnation
Most famous Great Awakening preacher who preached from Georgia to New Hampshire
Famous US General who first failed trying to overtake French Fort Duquesne in 1754
Replaced Lord Loudoun as British leader during French and Indian War
Captured Quebec for British during French and Indian War
Led French army; Died at Quebec
Ottawa chief who led rebellion against English in early 1760s
1st Lord of the Treasury; passed Revenue Act, Currency Act, and Stamp Act
Introduced the Virginia Resolves against the Stamp Act
Passed tax on tea, paint, paper, and glass imported from Britain
Repealed these taxes, except the one on tea
Famous radical revolutionary from Boston; came up with idea of Committees of Correspondence to spread grievances against Parliament
British King during Revolution
Brought Suffolk Resolves to First Continental Congress; Famous ride during Lexington and Concord
Royally appointed Governor of Massachusetts; ordered seizure of weapons at Concord
Wrote Common Sense

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