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Where does sookie first meet bill?
How does dawn die?
Who was the killer of season 1?
Where does sookie meet Eric?
Who gets Jason addicted to v?
What's the name of the bar sookie works at?
What is Maryann?
Who does Tara fall in love with?
What color were the eyes of the people Maryann had control over?
Why did Jessica bite hoyts mom?
How does godric die?
Who killed Mary Ann?
What is the name of the vampire that kidnapped tara?
Who kills Lorena?
Who is Hadley?
Who kills the Magister?
Who is alcide's crazy ex?
What happened when Bill drank a lot of sookies blood?
What makes Eric lose his memory?
What was the name of the Necromancer witch?
How long had sookie been gone in the faerie world?
Who is the king of Louisiana?
Who shot Tara?
How did Eric get his memory back?
Who turns Tara?
Why did Tara's mom disown her?
Who does Andy get pregnant?
Whose blood does the authority worship?
Who dug up Russell?
What's the relationship between Eric and Nora?
What is Warlow?
What happened to adilyns Sisters?
What was in the True Blood that was deadly?
What saves the vampires from burning?
Who kills the governor?
Who does Eric turn into a vampire?
Why were vamps after Sarah ?
What was the cure for hep v?
How does Bill die?
Who kills violet?
Who got married towards the end of season 7?
What was the name of the blood Eric and Pam came up with?
Who plays Sookie and Bill?
What is Adailyns full name?
What is sookie?
Why did Warlow kill sookie's parents?

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