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A common component of Elliot's sexual fantasies
According to Kelso, this intern has a ridiculous name
His real name is Coleman Slawsky
The name of JD's screenplay
Mount up
The last name of Elliot's nurse beau
The janitor's 'real name'
He's crazy!
Mocha cub
The janitor's doctor alter ego
This person paid for Turk's education
The real name of janitor's lady
Where Doug finally finds his niche
The janitor's British alter ego
This fictional character would not appreciate Carla calling him the 'big ugly one'
This word may or may not cause the janitor to fall asleep
The type of people who love JD's half acre
Snoop Dogg Intern/Resident/Attening would love it if someone call him this
One of JD's true loves; gets shot multiple times
Dr. Kelso's name for Turk
Dr. Cox's middle name
Turk's nickname for JD
The interns fight over his briefcase
Was incorrectly regarded as a goof in the opening credits
Dr. Cox treats JD (aka Carol) like he doesnt have one of these
Likes to watch his wife 'do the Dishes'

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