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AuthorAnswerDate Published
Charles Dickens3rd September 2009
Elizabeth Baskell3rd September 2009
Jane Austen3rd September 2009
Emily Bronte3rd September 2009
Oscar Wilde3rd September 2009
Fydor Dostoyevsky6th November 2008
Jane Austen3rd September 2009
Gustave Flaubert6th October 2008
Thomas Hardy3rd September 2009
Charlotte Bronte3rd Septemeber 2009
Charles Dickens29th April 2010
Homer29th April 2010
Louisa May Alcott29th April 2010
Wilkie Collins29th April 2010
Robert Louis Stevenson29th April 2010
Lewis Carroll29th April 2010
Jane Austen 29th April 2010
D.H Lawrence29th April 2010
William Shakespeare1st October 2009
Arthur Conan Doyle29th April 2010
Bram Stoker2nd June 2011
AuthorAnswerDate Published
Jonathon Swift25th November 2010
George Eliot2nd June 2011
Charles Dickens2nd June 2011
Charles Dickens25th November 2010
Dante25th November 2010
Jane Austen3rd November 2011
Charles Dickens6th October 2011
Jane Austen3rd November 2011
Charles Dickens6th October 2011
Jane Austen3rd November 2011
Victor Hugo25th October 2012
Lewis Carroll6th September 2012
Alexandre Dumas29th November 2012
Daniel Befoe28th November 2013
Mary Shelley3rd October 2013
Thomas Hardy26th September 2013
Nevill Coghill26th September 2013
Richard Pevear28th November 2013
Herman Menville26th September 2013
Mark Twain31st October 2013
William Makepeace Thackeray7th March 2013

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