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KillerWho got killedHow
John Wilkes BoothShot in the back of the head (1865)
Aaron BurrShot during a duel (1804)
Don KingDied during a fight over money (1966)
Paul Kelly Beat to death during a fist fight (1927)
Lee Harvey Oswald Shot during parade (1963)
BrutusStabbed to death (44BC)
James Earl RayShot by sniper (1968)
Mark David ChapmanShot in the back (1980)
Pat GarrettShot (1881)
KillerWho got killedHow
Manson FamilyStabbed sixteen times (1969)
Jack RubyShot in the abdomen (1963)
Yolanda SaldivarShot (1995)
Nathuram GodseShot (1948)
Brynn Hartman Shot (1988)
Thomas HaganShot (1965)
Sirhan SirhanShot (1968)
Marvin Gaye SrShot trying to break up a fight (1984)

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