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Reason To Live HereLocationHistory Behind It
King Arthur lives here and you can joust all day longComes from legendary British tales of King Arthur
It rains cheese A land of contraries, where all the restrictions of society are defied
No need to work, food a plenty, and everyone is nakedWhere God placed Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis
You never grow oldA legendary city said to be home to the fountain of youth
A kingdom of the pure hearts and strong spirit, also a movieFantasy novels for children by C. S. Lewis
It is a City of GoldEuropeans believed that somewhere in the New World there was a place of immense wealth known as the city of gold
It’s a utopiaValley in the Himalayas. It is a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world
A universe of floating Cheshire cats, tea loving Mad Hatters, power hungry playing cards and scrumptious food with peculiar after-effectsA tale written by Lewis Carroll based on the people and places in his own life, particularly around Oxford
OrgiesCity that was built on the coast of Brittany and later swallowed by the ocean
Reason To Live HereLocationHistory Behind It
Great fishing, sucba diving & treasure hunting all day and all nightLegendary island that after a failed attempt to invade Athens sank into the ocean
The modern age school of witchcraft and wizardryFrom the Harry Potter novels/movies
The holiest place, accessible by people according to various standards of divinity, goodness, piety, faith or other virtuesA realm, either physical or transcendental in which people who have died continue to exist in an afterlife.
Home of the godsFrom Greek mythology a mountain where the Twelve Olympians lived along with other gods
A place where children can escape growing up Home of Peter Pan
Talking scarecrows, tin men and munchkinsA magical land from musical fantasy film
Secret world of wisdom and wealth A legendary city that supposedly resides in the Earth's core.
It falls between a mountain of gold and a mountain of diamondsEnchanted city founded by survivors from the shipwreck of a Spanish ship
Known for its honey, tree climbing and the endangered Heffalump speciesThe literary soul mate of Ashdown Forest in Sussex

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