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Mechanicsburg is a borough in
name of county 
it is eight miles (13 km) west of
The oldest building in Mechanicsburg
home of the largest and longest-running one-day street fair on the east coast
Named for a settlement of
Defense Departments major logistics site
the first women's college in Pennsylvania to grant degrees in arts and sciences
Poison' lead singer
Notable resident 
Olympic athlete, professional boxer
Notable resident 
2011 Academy Award winner, God of Love
Notable resident 
The film Girl Interrupted uses this drug store in a scene
Name of public High School
zipe code (s)
Settled in
half-mile automobile race track located between Mechanicsburg and Dillsburg in Pennsylvania
former name of the town
due to the extreme scarcity of water  
believed to be of German origin  
in honor of Henry Stauffer 
Warren Zevon mentions Mechanicsburg in this song
haunted 16 story building

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