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Roman politician and general, by sword (30BC)
Professional wrestler, hanged himself after murdering his wife and son (2007)
American actor (It,Ladybugs,Harts War) hanging (2003)
Queen of Egypt, inducing a snake to bite her (30BC)
American rock singer, death shotgun wound to the head (1994)
Dutch Post-Impressionist artist, shot himself (1890)
American writer and journalist, gunshot to the head (1961)
American politician who shot himself in the mouth during a press conference (1987)
Leader of European Country Gunshot/Cyanide (1945)
American poet, novelist, children's author; suicide by gassing herself in her kitchen (1963)
Psychoanalyst, Author, OD with assistance after suffering from cancer (1939)
American Actresss/ Icon, OD of sleeping pills (1962)
Enron Corp executive, gunshot (2002)
Roman politician, assassin of Julius Caesar (42BC)
American inventor of FM radio, jumped from a 13th floor window, (1954)
Carthaginian military commander , poison (181 BC)
U.S. explorer with William Clark, gunshot (1809)
An American actress and singer, posthumously awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement medal, overdose of barbiturates(1969)
One of the twelve disciples of Jesus, hung from a tree (unknown)
leader of a religious cult known as the Peoples Temple, cyanide (1978)
Actor (Chico & The Man), gunshot to the head (1977)
Comedian, TV game show host , hung himself with bedsheets while is pscyhiatric ward (1996)
Guitarist and lead singer of Boston, carbon monoxide poisoning (2007)

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