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Competitors deliver a memorized speech of their own creation
Competitors present a five minute news show with their back to the judge
Individuals argue value-based resolutions
Two-person teams take sides in an evidence-oriented competition
Use manuscript of a piece of literature that is not in play or poetry form; 10 minutes
Read a story for young folk; 10 minutes
Deliver someone else's speech; 10 minutes
Two competitors present a piece of literature in a memorized performance
Two teammates argue pro or con on resolutions released monthly
Use a manuscript of a stage performance; 10 minutes
First year competitiors deliver a speech on current events; 30 minutes of prep, seven minute speech
Competitors present a piece of literature, humorous or serious, in a memorized presentation
Deliver a speech on current events; 30 minute prep, seven minute speech
First year competitors use manuscripts of prose, a play or poetry; 10 minutes
Write and debate legislation as senators or representative would do
Three to eight people put on a show using manuscripts; 12 minutes
Competitors have six minutes to prepare and deliver a speech
Talk about current topics with a few others; 30 minutes
Use manuscript of verse; 10 minutes

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