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He beat Jackson in the 1824 Presidential election
Winner of the 1828 Presidential Election
More average citizens had this right in the 1820's, helping Jackson get elected
Jackson set out to destroy this rather than renew its charter
Jackons used this as a way to reward those who were loyal to him
This was the law supported by Jackson to drive Native Americans off their land in the Southeast
Native Americans sufferered hardships as they traveled this on their way to Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Jackson's Vice President, who supported nullification
Which state nearly broke away from the Union over the issue of Nullification?
Jacskon deposited federal money into these once he broke up the National Bank
South Carolina wanted to nullify a law that raised this type of tax
Who was the President after Jackson?
During the battle for which city during the War of 1812 did Jackson become a famous military leader?
Did Jackson ultimately strengthen or weaken the power of the president?
What was Andrew Jackson's political party?
Was Andrew Jackson from Virginia or Massachusetts?
How was the Nullification Crisis settled?
Who won the election of 1832

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