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roseanne triviaroseanne trivia
in the pilot episode of roseanne what character was played by a different actor?
david was orignally introduced as?
why did miss crane call roseanne into school concerning darlene?
the name of beckys forst boyfriend?
where is crystals husband burried?
in 'toto,were not in kansas anymore' what were the names of beckys pets she had to save?
why does darlene need to have surgery?
why does becky elop with mark?
what was dan building through the whole series?
roseanne finds a stash of pot, they think its davids, who's is it really?
roseanne triviaroseanne trivia
what city does darlene and molly go to to see a concert?
what was roseannes favorite holiday?
where does darlene get knocked up?
bev told jackie that she really had a different name, and mentioned 2 different names, what were they?
what does jackie get addicted to, that causes david to intervene?
when the connors won the lottery, roseanne,dan, and jackie were screaming and yelling, dj runs in what does roseanne tell him to do?
who did dan have an affair with?
who was really married to mark?
david metioned in earlier episodes that he had 2 sisters, and mentioned the name of one. what was it?
darlene and david have there baby girl, what did they decide on naming her?

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