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charmed trivia
whats the name of the sisters grand mother?
how does prue die on season 3?
who fell in love with a ghost?
what was pipers job in the first season?
who is wyatt named after?
does phoebe ever find true love?
phoebes turned into a mermaid, why does she not want to change back?
why does chris come back from the future?
witch sister lost her voice by being cursed by a monkey?
what job did paige quit to become a full time witch?
charmed trivia
does leo and piper live happily ever after?
what was the name of the sisters familiar?
what is the name of the club piper opens?
what was season 4's premiere?
why couldnt cole kill the sisters?
how did pheobe get the job at the bay mirror?
what was the name of the auction house prue worked at?
what was the name of the restaraunt piper managed?
what was the name of prues fiance that claimed pheobe hit on him?

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