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In which organelle does photosynthesis occur in?
One out of how many molecules of PGAL are transferred to the cytoplasm for the synthesis of carbohydrates?
What is one molecule that is a result of the light-dependent reactions and used in the Calvin Cycle (light-independent reaction)
How many rounds of the Calvin Cycle does it take to produce six molecules of PGAL?
Which color light does chlorophyll reflect?
How many phases does photosynthesis occur in?
Where does the energy that excites the electrons in the thylakoid membrane come from?
How many molecules of PGAL does it take to produce three molecules of the five-carbon RuBP?
What is released to the atmosphere as a result of light-dependent reactions?
In which part of the chloroplast do light-dependent reactions occur?
Where did the ATP and NADPH used in the Calvin Cycle come from?

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