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Forced Order
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This protects your written or documented words and ideas
Leaving information out of a story because it helps paint a different picture is bias by _____
Damaging a person's reputation by word of mouth
TRUE OR FALSE: A person can yell BOMB on a plane because they have freedom of speech
______ vs _______ was a famous court case that decided schools may censor speech if deemed obscene or vulgar according to school standards
Freedom of _______ gave Colin Kaepernick the legal right to sit during the national anthem
Freedom of ________ gives Jude the right to express his feelings after losing Journalism Jeopardy
Colin Kapernick plays for the San Fransisco ______
Slander and Libel are two forms of __________
John Peter ______ fought the law and won! Proving that libel can not be charged if information is proven to be true
The number one trait of the SPJ CODE of ETHICS is _______
The creation of a free press was essentially to act as the citizens watch ______ against the government
TRUE OR FALSE: A man can legally praise Satan
Invasion of ______ is NOT protected by the first amendment unless the information found is pertinent to security
TRUE OR FALSE: It is ethical practice by a journalist to keep his anonymous sources a secret no matter what
Bias is not just in words, a _____ can create a bias as well
TRUE OR FALSE: Bias is always bad
Avoiding _____________ means you assure that your ideas and words are not influenced by any outside sources that are close to the situation
This is the #1 tool used by Citizen Journalists
TRUE OR FALSE: By the end of this class, we are going to be responsible, ethical, and all knowing journalists

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