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Can you name the Elements and Principles of Photography?

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A three letter word also used to describe an image's color
Emphasis refers to an images ____ point
Space in an image that is unused or open is referred to as _____
When an image is 3-Dimensional, has depth and weight, it is considered to have _____
Form is to 3D as _____ is to 2D
Basic element where a mark is made by a moving point
A strong way to retain your viewers eye is through a pattern, or _____
Value is often referred to as an image's _____
The way an image appears to feel is the element of ______
When an image appears to be unstable due to too many images on one side of the photograph, your image lacks ____
Your _____ is designed to grab your viewer's attention to a specific portion of the photograph immediately
The area of the photograph that is taken up by the main focus is described as _______
You need light to see color, therefore the most important setting to adjust to gain ideal color/hue is ____
Similar to balance, _____ is when all the parts of a photograph work together to create an equal whole
Contrast is not just opposites in colors, but also ______, textures, colors and values.
_______ adds excitement to your work by showing action and directing the viewers eye throughout the picture.
Similiar to repitition, _____ is a type of movement that is seen in repeating shapes and colors and shows movement within a photo.
There are ______ basic elements of photography
There are ______ main principles of photography
I am _____ for our next big photography project!

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