Word Ladder: '90s Nickelodeon Shows

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Can you name the rungs of this 4-Letter 90's Nickelodeon Shows themed word ladder?

Updated Sep 24, 2013

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Clue4-Letter Word
▼ The Secret World of [First Rung] [Last Rung]▼
Top of a mountain
Mimicked, imitated
Couldn’t drive 55, possibly
What is planted to make a garden
Clarinet player’s need
Crack a book
▼Aaahh!!! [____] Monsters▼
Raised area on the skin, as from a blow
Access point for subterranean water source
You’ll find one in a block with lots of bars
Initiate a telephone conversation
First name of astronomer Sagan
Give a hoot
▼ Double [____]▼
▼ Are You Afraid of the [____]▼
To indicate something for later review
A female horse
Captain’s second in command is the first ____
The crown of the head
▼ The Adventures of [____] and [____]▼
Buggy suffix for milli- or centi-
Give up territory
Dots and dashes: Morse ___
Side dish: ___ slaw
Big pineapple company
Chip's chipmunk pal
Miami's county
▼ Hey [____]▼
Clue4-Letter Word
Nobleman of highest rank below monarch
Star Wars protagonist first name
Thumbs up on Facebook
▼ Rocko’s Modern [____]▼
Elevator, to one in the UK
Seating area for the choir
An oaf or boor
To show attitude when not getting one’s way
▼ Salute [____] Shorts▼
Notes of gratitude: “Thank ____”
Second in command in a kitchen: ____ chef
To fly high
Leave a mark
A plan to bilk someone out of their money
George Michael’s former pop duo
Something one might say to a speaker who mumbles
▼ All [____]▼
A word used to compare two values
That was ____, this is now
High school student, e.g.
One whose career is over: Has-____
Bird’s mouth
At one’s ____ and call
Opposite of front
▼ The Secret World of [First Rung] [Last Rung]▼

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