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1.Francis Ford Coppola
2.Orson Welles
3.Michael Curtiz
4.Victor Fleming
5.Akira Kurosawa
6.Victor Fleming
7.Elia Kazan
8.David Lean
9.Jean Renoir
10.Francis Ford Coppola
11.David Lean
12.Frank Capra
13.Steven Spielberg
14.Robert Mulligan
15.Martin Scorsese
16.George Lucas
17.Federico Fellini
18.Alfred Hitchcock
19.Billy Wilder
20.Federico Fellini
21.Ingmar Bergman
22.Stanley Donen
23.Henri-Georges Clouzot
24.Stanley Kubrick
25.Frank Capra
26.Francis Ford Coppola
27.Sergio Leone
28.Luchino Visconti
29.Akira Kurosawa
30.Sergio Leone
31.Alfred Hitchcock
32.Walt Disney
33.Milos Forman
34.Billy Wilder
35.Michael Powell
36.Stanley Kubrick
37.Irvin Kershner
38.Mike Nichols
39.Andrei Tarkovsky
40.John Huston
41.Roman Polanski
42.Joseph L. Mankiewicz
43.John Ford
44.Federico Fellini
45.Alfred Hitchcock
46.Steven Spielberg
47.John Huston
48.Stanley Kubrick
49.Steven Spielberg
50.Martin Scorsese
51.Charlie Chaplin
52.Elia Kazan
53.Yasujiro Ozu
54.Satyajit Ray
55.Frank Capra
56.Alfred Hitchcock
57.Kenji Mizoguchi
58.F. W. Murnau
59.Charlie Chaplin
60.Kenji Mizoguchi
61.Satyajit Ray
62.Akira Kurosawa
63.Ingmar Bergman
64.Sergei Eisenstein
65.Satyajit Ray
66.Fritz Lang
67.Michael Cimino
68.Fred Zinnemann
69.Jonathan Demme
70.John G. Avildsen
71.Arthur Penn
72.John Huston
73.Billy Wilder
74.George Cukor
75.David Lean
76.D. W. Griffith
77.Milos Forman
78.Carl Theodor Dreyer
79.Quentin Tarantino
80.Leon McCarey
81.Nicholas Ray
82.William Wyler
83.Steven Spielberg
84.Steven Spielberg
85.Franklin J. Schaffner
86.Werner Herzog
87.Vittorio De Sica
88.Kenji Mizoguchi
89.Charlie Chaplin
90.Oliver Stone
91.Merian C. Cooper
92.Giuseppe Tornatore
93.Lewis Milestone
94.Marcel Carne
95.Luis Bunuel
96.Woody Allen
97.Peter Jackson
98.Ingmar Bergman
99.Akira Kurosawa
100.Fernando Meirelles

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