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DefinitionWeather Term
Estimate of the relationship between wind speed and the body’s loss of heat
Line on a weather map connecting locations with the same temperature
Proportion of water present in the air compared to the amount the air can hold when it is saturated
Sudden downdraft encountered by airplanes about which air controllers warn pilots using Doppler radar
Warm dry wind blowing down into the valleys, especially in the Alps
Instrument used to measure the absolute or relative amount of moisture in the air
Warm, dry desert wind coming from the east in southern California
Word made from smoke and fog to designate a haze that forms when smoke and chemical pollutants combine with moisture in the air
Ocean regions near the equator known for dead calms and light, fluctuating winds
Amount of water vapor in the atmosphere
DefinitionWeather Term
Instrument used to measure wind speed
Instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure
Layer of the upper atmosphere that protects the earth from ultraviolet rays
Science dealing with the atmosphere and atmospheric conditions
Warm, dry wind blowing from the west or north over the Rocky Mountains
Type of front that occurs when a cold front overtakes a warm front and displaces it upward
Line on a weather map connecting locations with the same barometric pressure
Fast spinning funnel-shaped column of air and water occurring over on ocean or lake, usually in tropical areas
Temperature at which water vapor condenses into a liquid
Narrow band of fast-moving air currents found at altitudes of 10 to 15 miles

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