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Can you name the geographical terms in alphabetical order from A to Z?

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Ringlike coral island consisting of a reef surrounding a lagoon
All the plants and animals living on or near the bottom of the ocean
Large basin or crater formed by the collapse of the cone of a volcano
Deep gorges where rivers have cut through solid rock
Warm current of equatorial water that periodically appears off the coast of South America
Crack in the earth’s surface just below the crust and occurring at a line along which the
Underwater mountain with a flat top
The waters of the Earth
Narrow strip of land that connects 2 larger pieces of land
Relatively fast uniform winds concentrated within the upper atmosphere in a narrow band
Rugged, barren limestone region containing deep faults and sinkholes
Process by which minerals are washed down into lower layers of soil
Tract of open, rolling wasteland, especially with heather or coarse grasses growing on it
Large forms of sea life that can swim freely
Fertile or green spot in a desert indicating the presence of water
Theory that the earth’s crust consists of a series of rigid plates that move slowly past one another
Current geologic period
A logarithmic measurement scale of earthquake magnitude
A fold in rock layers that forms a trough-like bend
High to mid-latitude biome dominated by coniferous forest
Geographic area with a high density of people over a limited area
Denotes the first day of the spring season
German meteorologist considered to be the “Father of the Continental Drift Theory,”
Plant that has adapted to survive long periods of drought
Rock that has developed a streamlined form because of wind erosion.
Movement of wind or ocean waters in a direction that is roughly parallel to the lines of latitude

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