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who is the braIniac?
who painted grad 68 on the grain elevator?
who loves playing with the claw machine?
what kind of wedding did oscar and emma have?
is brent poor in season 2 episode 6?
why didn't hank get eating by mosquitos?
what dose emma buy everyone for christmas?
what dose hank make out of lego?
who tries to buy corner gas and the ruby?
who tries to take the census?
what did brent get emma for mothers day?
who gives piano lessons?
who starts a blog?
who tries to install a toilet for the Leroy's?
who dose Lacey give a manicure to?
when hank is told to blow up a burn he miss understands and blows up the....
what dose hank get for free at a garage sale?
who gives brent a hair cut?
who is a better golf player then hank and brent?
what is hanks gum machine called
where dose oscar go to get free sandwiches?
where does oscar put the fireworks to get them to work?
who is the eating champion until they face brent?
when karen and davis win a meat draw what is oscars saying through out the episode?
who goes hot tubbing with emma and oscar?

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