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What is the color of Oscar's hat?
What's Emma's last name in the show?
What Province is Dog River in?
What is Lacey scared of?
What is Lacey's fear called?
Where does Wanda work?
What is Fitzy's job?
What animal does Josh the cook want to with?
What does Lacey put in the Clavet Cup?
How many minutes is each episode without ads?
What does Davis hurt himself with when he was acting in front the Corner Gas security camera?
What is Karen's last name in the show?
What is the name of the closing song?
What is Lacey's sandwich called?
Who is dog river's tablehockey champ?
How many miles away from Dog River is Hank's house?
What year did the show first go on air?
What is the final word spoken in the series?
What is the FIRST thing Oscar finds at the side of the road?
Who is the bartender in Dog River?
What does the police car hide behind in the first and last episode?
Who is seduced by Hank?

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