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Who owns the Ruby?
What is Brent's favourite food?
According to Oscar what do mice like more than cheese?
What is the address number of the Leroy home?
What is Hank's last name?
When the Grey Cup goes to Regina how many of the main characters have tickets?
How many watch the game?
How much money does Oscar steal from Emma to buy an outboard motor?
What is Brent's favorite NFL team?
What does Wanda have a Ph.D. in?
Who is Helen Jensen?
What else is sold in the liquor store?
When what town is mentioned do Dog River residents spit?
What is the name of the band that was formed by Brent, Hank and Wanda?
What is the name of the town newspaper?
What does Travis Moen bring to Dog River?
What does Oscar say over 1,275 times after the show ends?
Why did Hank quit his job at the town newspaper?
What sense is Davis not able to use?
What sport did Karen rank fifth in Canada at one point?

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