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Can you name the First and Second Declension Nouns?

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the trumpet (nom. sing.)
the boys (acc. pl.)
with the lieutenant (abl. sing.)
the memories (acc. pl.)
the sons (nom. pl.)
of the slaves (gen. pl.)
with the fortunes (abl. pl.)
with the goddesses (abl. pl.)
of the messenger (gen. sing.)
in the forest (abl. sing.)
the gates (nom. pl.)
of the tongues (gen. pl.)
to/for the land (dat. sing.)
the island (acc. sing.)
of the life (gen. sing.)
to/for the province (dat. sing)
with the friend (abl. sing.)
with the letters (abl. pl.)
to/for the natures (dat. pl.)
of the sword (gen. sing.)
the gods (acc. pl)
of the waters (gen. pl.)
the woman (acc. sing.)
to/for the friendship (dat. sing.)
the man (acc. sing.)
to/for the roads (dat. pl)
of the school (gen. sing.)
of the horse (gen. sing.)
the farmhouses (nom. pl.)
to/for the daughters (dat. pl.)

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