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QUIZ: Can you name the TV Shows by characters name?

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Kenny, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh1997
Christine Hughes, George Savitsky, Roy2000
Steve Urkel, Richie Crawford, Carl Winslow1989
Patrick Star, Eugene Krabs, Sandy Cheeks1991
Sheen Estevez, Mrs. Fowl, Cindy Vortex2001
Crazy Steve, Megan Parker, Josh Nichols2004
Luke Danes, Kirk Gleason, Lane Kim2000
George Costanza, Newman, David Puddy1990
Topanga Lawrence, George Feeny1993
Freddy Benson, Gibby, Spencer Shay2007
Cosmo, Denzel Crocker, Chet Ubetcha2001
Stevie Kenarban, Piama Tananahaakna2000
Stinky Peterson, Gerald Johanssen, Sid1996
Charlie Harper, Jake Harper, Alan Harper2003
Ned Flanders, Milhouse Van Houten1989
J.T. Lambert, Rich Halke, Frank Lambert1991
Bob, Marion Moseby, Maddie Fitzpatrick2005
Chuckie Finster, Dr. Lipschitz, Lil Deville1991
Glen Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, Brian1999
Alan Twitty, Tawny Dean, Beans2000
Greg Wuliger, Joey Caruso, Doc2005
Brad O'Keefe, Sister Helen, Mocha Joey2001
Arthur Spooner, Deacon Palmer, Spence1998
Cookie, Loomer, Martin Qwerly2004
D.J. Tanner, Becky Katsopolis, Kimmy1987

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