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George saves a whale by removing what object from its blowhole?Seinfeld
Which state is the last state to be called and decides the Santos / Vinick presidential election?The West Wing
Ron's two ex-wives are both named ______.Parks and Rec
The first movie based off of a Saturday Night Live sketchSaturday Night Live
This sitcom had a plethora of guest stars during its 9 year run, including Amy Adams, Rob Riggle, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, and Ricky Gervais???
How are the two main characters in The Adventures of Pete and Pete related?The Adventures of Pete and Pete
MacGuyver works for a non-profit organization that served a variety of functions called _________________MacGuyver
Frieza, Cell, and Buu are all antagonists in this popular anime series???
The most famous of the original cast, she became well known for starring in 'beach party' movies with Frankie AvalonThe Mickey Mouse Club
Archer originally worked for this fictional organization, which all mention of was cut abruptly from the show following the rise of this real-life terrorist group by the same nameArcher
QuestionAnswerTV Show
Walter throws this onto his roof in a fit of angry frustration in one of the show's many iconic scenesBreaking Bad
This top-rated sitcom of the 1950's was also the first to have a live audience during filming???
His obsession with a set of six numbers drove his storyline throughout the series; he also has a Weezer album named after himLost
Who shot J.R.?Dallas
Kimmy Gibbler is to Full House what ________ is to Family MattersFull House / Family Matters
Megan Boone wore this during the entire first season of The Blacklist...some fans even joked that it should receive its own role in the creditsThe Blacklist
The series creator, Rod Serling, ended up doing the narration for this series himself after his first choice, Richard Egan, was unable to???
This popular show had a multitude of continuity problems, including an unexplained location change across the country and a senior year that seemed to continue after graduation???
The dance that everyone in the family can do...but nobody can do correctlyArrested Development
Jonathan Goldsmith, better known as this title, made millions after being cast in Dos Equis commercials(Commercial)

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