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Survived by a great-niece and her three dragons. A
He died doing what he loved - dying (a lot).B
Loved his daughters more than any man had any right to. No, seriously.C
He enhanced the lives of those around him, meeting an unfortunate end by choking to death on his own genitals.D
Honor was his middle name. Actually, we don't know what his middle name is, but if he had one, it'd probably be Honor.E
She had a personality that was larger than life. Her body, unfortunately, has not been recovered, but she is presumed dead, according to Master Qyburn.F
Succumbed to illness after a long and courageous battle. Never had a bad word to say about anyone, though this was likely due to incessant coughing than a lack of malice.G
Much beloved longtime Lord of Riverrun. Survived (at the time) by several children, including a son who is apparently a horrid show with a bow.H
Slain by a pack of wolves led by a long lost direwolf. He left this life with no regrets. We don't really know that; we just had to put something nice in as filler. I
We guess God needed a backstabbing, double-dealing, lowborn betrayer of the realm. Former (albeit short lived) Master of Harrenhal. J
In the words of his murderer, a 'good man in service to a bad cause'. He lived each day to its fullest. K
When you were near her, you knew you were in the presence of someone special, up until she took a plunge through the Moon Door, that is.L
He never once asked, 'why me?', although he did have ample warning from a dream of Bran Stark's.M
A man of only a single name, he never met a slave he didn't want to beat to a pulp.N
Known for his boundless energy, his final regret in life was failing to finish climbing a Mountain in vengeful rage.O
Had an insatiable passion for ravens, and later, murdering humans. He will be sorely missed, although 'Small' may have been a misnomer.P
Died peacefully engulfed in dragon fire, putting an end to his secretive quest.Q
Friend to all, enemy of none...except Jaime Lannister, and perhaps a few other dozen. His rage at the former cost him his head.R
A wise man once asked, 'Where do **** go?' She could tell us, if not for her untimely murder.S
Though his name was brought up repeatedly in a child's mantra, it did little to prevent his death. In fact, the opposite was probably true. He sounded like a funny guy.T
Had many fine qualities, including being a member of the Moon Brothers and a compatriot of those who like to feed manhood to goats.U
He never met a word he could pronounce properly or a prisoner he could leave with both hands and feet. Always gave 110%. V
Fell asleep peacefully after an arrow caught him full in the mouth at the Red Wedding. His father is beside himself, and not just he's ridiculously obese.W
Just type 'X' and take this one for free. We'll have to wait until Xaro Xhoan Daxos dies to fill this spot.X
The former chief recruiter for the Night's Watch was a man of great loyalty, integrity, and stench.Y
Type 'Z' and be done with it, then.`Z
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