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Always Sunny Characters
illiterate, loves to sniff glue, cleans the toilets at Paddy's
the 'muscle' of the gang, master of karate, What's up Bitches?!
peaked in high school, superiority complex, minored in psychology at UPenn
had severe sclorosis in high school, aspiring actress, waitress at Paddy's
ran sweatshops in Vietnam, chronic gambling addict, wealthy entrepreneur
recovering alcoholic, works at local cofee shop
homeless, left the priest hood
gold digger, dies from plastic surgury mistake
enjoys milk and pinesol, has unibrow
Always Sunny Characters
enjoys acting classes, has a strange food fetish
male-to-female transexual
loves community service, adopts children
prone to dramatic episodes, and nervous breakdowns
never blinks, spent time in prison
apathetic, heavy smoker
owns her own fashion design business
distant cousin, can be repelled with salt

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