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It's a quarter.
It's a gold plated lighter. It has the initials 'J.S.' on it.
It's a piece of chewing gum. It's sugarless, of course.
It's a handkerchief with the initials J.S. on it.
It looks like a pair of sunglasses. The lenses are very dark.
It's a twenty dollar bill.
It's the card key for the apartment.
It's the key with the word, 'Office,' inscribed on it.
It's a very fine leather wallet. It looks very expensive.
It's a light brown trench coat that matches your trousers.
It's a .38 Special. Go ahead and make your day.
It's a shot glass full of seltzer.
It's a makeup kit.
It's a 'Saturday- Night- Special.' A small gun, that you can get anywhere.
It's a black handbag.
It's a bill from Doctor Brody made out to Joe's Bar, address: 934 Sherman St., Chicago, IL. [...]
It looks like a standard legal-size envelope.
The key has the Mercedes Benz trademark on it.
It's a common 2 pencil.
It's a key marked 'Front.'
The medicine vial's label says 'Medrezine.'
There's a little medicine left in the capsule. It was obviously used for something. [...]
It's a car registration made out to Joey Siegel of 1212 West End St.
It's a street map. The way to Joe's Bar is marked in ink. The address is 1060 Peoria St.
It's a snapshot of a four hundred pound woman. You feel as if you should recognize her.
The headline reads, 'The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor!!'
It looks very much like a 9mm cartridge.
It's a .38 Special roundnose lead bullet.
It's a standard military-issue German Luger.
It's a magazine. But you really have no time to read it.
It's a photograph of a very stout-looking brunette. [...]
It's a gaudy, pair of pearl earrings.
It's a slip of paper with three numbers on it, 33-24-36.
It's a small piece of paper with the numbers, 25-03-45, on it.
It's an unmarked key.
It's a bookmark with the initials J.S. imprinted on it.
It's a diary with the name 'Martha' on it. [...]
It is the Ofreeal medicine vial bottle.
It is the Pntothal medicine vial bottle.
It is the Chempain medicine vial bottle.
It is the Bisodium medicine vial bottle.
It is the Bicarbon medicine vial bottle.
It's a patient's chart. 'Ace Harding: During his last physical was strongly advised to quit smoking.'
It's a receipt for some things and their prices. There's a final note written by the doctor... [...]
It's a patient's medical record. [...]
The medicine names and their effects are shown. [...]
The letter says, 'Ace, I've got a way to get you off the hook. It's a simple kidnap job. Just [...]
This file reads, 'Sugar Shack is known to have a hatred for something that Joey Siegel did to her.'
The file reads, 'Sugar Shack was the blackmailer in the Alderman case. She is doing 5 years.'
It's a box of ammo.
It's an IOU. It says Ace Harding owes Joey Siegel $1,000. [...]
It's a manila folder.
It's the trunk key to a Mercedes Benz.
It's a small box.
The gag is made of white cloth.
This ransom note reads, 'Sternwood, we have your wife. You have 24 hours to collect $20,000. If you [...]
This envelope is totally blank except for the name Mr. Sternwood, pasted in newspaper cutouts.
It's a water pitcher. There's no water in it.
Yuck!! Eating all that sugar makes you feel ill.
It's a small jar.
A little pasty, but it doesn't taste all that bad.
It's a small jar.
It's a small jar.
It's a bit of sliced sausage.
This pan was made for fryin', and that's just what you'll do if you don't stop wasting time. [...]
It's a finely-detailed porcelian dish.
...'Timetable - '2:15 AM: Be sure Joe's Bar is closed up and all employees are gone. [...]
It's a ball-point pen.
It's a pair of reading glasses.
It's a briefcase that you recall having carried a while ago.
It's a box of tissues. You know how to use them, don't you? You just put one to your nose and blow.
It's a piece of chocolate.
It's a box of chocolates.
It's a letter that says, 'Sternwood, this is my final warning. Keep your hands off Vickers, or [...]
It looks like a standard legal-size envelope.

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