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Can you name the events/dates/names to do with Martin Luther & The European Reformation?

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When did Luther publish his 95 Theses?
What sparked him to write them?
What year did Luther die?
The latin term for 'by faith alone'
The latin time for 'by scripture/Bible)
Who did Luther write to hoping to stop indulgences?
What year did Cajetan visit Luther?
Who opposed Luther in the Leipzig Disputations?
Who technically won the Disputations?
What was issued to Luther in 1520?
What did Luther do with what was issued?
What was Luther's biggest religious concern?
Which reformer was executed a century prior to Luther in Bohemia?
Which prince protected/supported Luther first?
Where did Luther say I cannot and will not recant?
What enforced Exsurge Domine?
At which castle was Luther in captivity at?
When did Luther publish 3 important works?
Which argues Christianity has become enslaved by the papacy?
Which argued for a reversal of the roles of Church & State?
Which developed the idea of sola fide?
What phrase summarises Luther's belief that all those who are faithful to God can interpret the Bible?
Did Luther believe the Eucharist was a literal or symbolic teaching?
What term describes the coexistence of the bread and wine with the body & blood of Jesus?
When were the Knights defeated by the princes?
The peasants saw Luther as a hero but also mistook him as their...
What was Luther's work against the peasants revolt called?
What did Luther instrcut the princes to do to the peasants?
True or false Luther believed secular rulers such as the princes were appointed by God?
When did Frederick the Wise die?
Zwingli was a reformer in the...
Zwingli gained the support of which body?
When were the Zurich disputations?
In which war was Zwingli killed?
The Marburg Colloquy was a meeting of who?
When was it?
Zwingli believed the Eucharist was...
The Anabaptists is a collective term for different groups of...
Which Anabaptist became a leader in the Peasants War?
Which city was put under siege after it became ruled by Anabaptists?
When did Phiip of Hesse become a Lutheran
Which Diet was held in 1529?
Who represented the Protestants at the Diet of Augsburg?
When was the Diet of Augsburg?
What came out of Augsburg that summarised Protestant beliefs?
Which Lutheran duke did Pilip of Hesse restore to his position?
What was Charles's last attempt to secure agreement between Catholics & Protestants?
When was this Diet?
What had been formed in 1531?
When did Charles defeat the Lutheran princes?
What battle did he achieve this at?
When was the Peace of Augsburg?

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