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Can you answer all these Kate and William questions correctly?

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What is Kate's middle name?
What was Kate's very first word in the engagement interview?
During their tour of Sydney, William said Kate looked like what fruit?
What was the name of the pub where Will and Kate had their 'car park kiss' in 2009?
Who designed Kate's wedding dress?
Name one William's friends who delivered his best man speech (whose name begins with J)
What is the exact time of George's birth? (format 0.00)
During a walkabout Kate was shown a doll version of herself, what part of the doll did she hope wasn't so big in real life?
Which other language could Kate briefly speak when she was younger?
Which country did William propose to Kate in?
What did Kate say her favourite colour was during the Asia tour?
In his 2013 CNN interview, William said he had 3 priorities: 'Catherine, George...' What was the third?
During the Canada tour, what food did Kate try to get William to eat, but he refused?
Name Kate's wedding tiara
What animal did George have on his swaddle/wrap as they left the hospital?
The phone hacking trial revealed Will called Kate 3 terms of endearment, 'babykins', 'baby' and what other name?
During the engagement photocall, William said he likes to tease Kate about her what?
During the visit to Uluru, Will and Kate were given a wooden model of a creature that they joked about giving to aide Miguel, what was the creature?
Spell Nanny Maria's surname without looking it up
What item outside the Lindo Wing had its own twitter account?
What was Kate reportedly seen buying for William while he was in the Falkland Islands?
Before the engagement interview started, what did Kate ask to move?
In Nov 2013, William said he'd like to buy an item but wasn't sure Kate would let him! What was it?
When Kate won the yacht race in NZ, Will said he was a [what] husband?
Which month in 2011 did Will and Kate visit Northern Ireland?
Are you excited about the royal baby?

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