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Can you name the places that have a food-inspired name?

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A country that spans the Dardanelles and something eaten at Thanksgiving
A mustard and a city in France
This country fought in the Great Northern War, and the food is a wine gum candy
This is an Italian City and a meat. Don't pronounce them the same!
This largest county in the UK is the namesake of a British Sunday Roast staple
This city was an epicenter of the American Revolution, as well as the first word in a dessert
Some islands famous for their eponymous wine
A cheese often ground at the table is named for this town in northern Italy
A town in Germany where this cookout staple may have originated
A region in southern France renowned for its wine
A region in France renowned for its sparkling wine
The city JFK claimed to be part of, and its pastry some think he claimed to be
A Ukrainian city, and some poultry that is breaded then either fried or baked
A borough of NYC and a cocktail
Jimmy Buffet locale and its namesake beverage

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