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Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Wizard?

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Amount a new Wizard costs
Amount Jerry tells his father he paid a guy on the street for the Wizard
Name of Elaine's boyfriend that she's unsure of his ethnicity
Where George lies about having a fake house to the Rosses
What Kramer buys himself as a retirement gift
What Morty thinks the Wizard is when he first opens it
Time of morning that Jerry is awoken at his parents' house
Name of the condo newsletter
Age of the 'young' aquacise instructor that Kramer gets a date with
Name of the condo complex where Jerry's parents live
Race that Elaine's boyfriend jokingly says he is when filling out Wizard warranty card
What Jerry asks George to do for him while he's in Florida
Number of members on the condo board
Name either of George's fake horses
Ethnicity that Elaine's boyfriend thinks she is
Name of Wizard knockoff sold by Bob Sacamano Sr

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