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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Strike?

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Place Kramer was on strike from at the beginning of the episode?
Slogan for the place Kramer was on strike from?
Nightclub that Elaine compares Tim Whatley's party to?
Date that Festivus falls on?
Name of the 'two-face' that Jerry dates in the episode?
Charity used by Tim Whatley for his Christmas gifts?
Fake charity made up by George?
Amount that Kruger donates to George's fake charity?
Name of the horse that Elaine places a bet on?
Event that kicks of Festivus?
Name of the sub sandwich restaurant where Elaine has been earning stamps?
Number of stamps Elaine needs to get a free sub?
Actor's movies that Jerry quotes twice?
Cook who puts rubber bands in the soup at the coffee shop?
Place where George claimed his family was driven out of for celebrating Festivus?
Material that the Festivus pole is made from?

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