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Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Soup Nazi?

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Amount the seller on the street was asking for the armoire?
Amount Elaine pays for the armoire after the 'nice face' discount?
Person that Jerry & George run into while in the soup line the first time?
First soup Jerry gets from the soup stand?
Name of Jerry's girlfriend at the start of the episode?
Nickname that Jerry and his girlfriend call each other throughout the episode?
Who Elaine hires to guard the armoire until she can move it in?
Type of soup Kramer first asks for?
Actor that Elaine thinks the soup nazi looks like?
Length of time Elaine is banned from soup stand after making a scene?
Name of the men who steal Elaine's armoire off the street?
Soup that Newman gets in the episode?
Who Kramer gets a replacement armoire from?
Recipe that Elaine reads off to the soup nazi to prove she has his recipe collection?
Where soup nazi says he's moving to after his recipes get out.
Soup Nazi's real name (not revealed until Finale)

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