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Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Merv Griffin Show?

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First thing George hits with his car
The first of Celia's toys that Jerry wants to play with
Famous figure that Elaine's coffee stain looks like
Song Elaine says she was singing when Lou sidled up to her in her office
Where Kramer says he'll sleep after installing Merv Griffin set in his apartment
70s star Kramer says wasn't 'hygenic'
Toy Jerry got as a kid instead of G. I. Joe
What Elaine gets to sidle the sidler
Second thing George hits with his car
Amount vet would charge to euthanize the animal that George hit
Where the tiny instruments ordered by the vet are coming from
What Elaine gives Lou so she can hear him coming
In effort to put Celia to sleep, George brings a video of his boyhood trip to where
What Newman has been buying in generic form and just tearing off the label
Celebrity Kramer gets after retooling his 'show'
Toy of Celia's that Elaine wants to play with

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