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Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Little Jerry?

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What George finally dislodges while brushing his teeth
Place George gets to check out after the Foundation makes a donation
Jerry's check design
Name of Elaine's bald boyfriend
Amount of Jerry's bounced check
Name of the warden at the women's prison
Name of inmate that George asks out
Reason George's inmate girlfriend is in prison
What Kramer asks to store in Jerry's fridge
Reason Elaine's boyfriend shaves his head
Amount Jerry's mother sends because she thinks he's having money trouble
TV show that Kramer thought cockfighting was like
Duration of Little Jerry's first cockfight
'Outrageous' price of Juicy Fruit at the bodega
Max time George tells Elaine's boyfriend he has before going completely bald
What George finds to be better than conjugal visit sex

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