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Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Frogger?

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Name of employees at Elaine's office who were celebrating their birthday and their last day
Name of Jerry's girlfriend in the episode
Jerry & George's high school hangout pizza place
Nickname for the serial killer that's cutting off people's heads
George's middle name
George's Frogger high score
Area where Jerry's girlfriend lives
Kramer's electrician friend
Flaw Jerry finds with his girlfriend
Amount Peterman pays for his antique cake
Where Jerry's girlfriend plans a trip to
Name of truck driver that George hires to haul the Frogger
Item the electrician wants to steal to pull of the Frogger job
Brand of cake that Kramer suggests can replace Peterman's antique cake
Time it takes Jerry to break up with his girlfriend
Name of vintage pastry appraiser hired by Peterman

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