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Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Chicken Roaster?

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Celebrity who the chicken roaster is named after
What Kramer is helping Newman pick out at the pet store early in the episode
Jerry's old college buddy that meets him on the street and has lunch with him
The big account that Jerry's college buddy blew off the first meeting for at his firm
Celebrity that the store saleswoman reminds George of
Company's jingle that George compares himself to
What the Russian hat is made from that George convinces Elaine to buy for him
Amount the Russian hat in the store cost
What Kramer pours in his cereal because his eyes are damaged from the neon
Name of the saleswoman that George wants to date
What Kramer puts on his window banner to drive the chicken roaster out of business
Name of Kramer's large doll that freaks Jerry out
What George steals from the saleswoman's apartment
Person from whom Elaine buys a replacement Russian hat in Battery Park
What the replacement Russian hat is made from
Vegetable that Newman refers to as a vile weed

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