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Can you name the answers to questions about the Seinfeld episode The Airport?

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Where Jerry & Elaine are flying back from at the beginning of the episode
Amount Jerry bet George that he couldn't jump and reach his awning
Where Elaine's bag gets sent after slighting the skycap
Number of minutes early that George times his airport pickup
Where Kramer wants to stop if they make it to the airport early
Name of the model that sits next to Jerry on the plane
Magazine Jerry is reading that features the model in an ad
Product being pitched by the model in the ad from previous question
Magazine George buys before the convict can because there might be a blurb about him
Ex-roommate of Kramer that he thinks he sees at the airport
Amount Kramer is owed for back rent from ex-roommate
Region the airline is featuring wines from in first class
Type of meal Elaine is stuck with
What Jerry and the model enjoy for dessert
What is being served in first class as Elaine is kicked out
Airport Jerry and Elaine were initially supposed to arrive and eventually do arrive at

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