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Can you name the movies (1990-2011) from what the critics wrote about them?

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Forced Order
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Critic QuoteMovieYear
One comes out of it not feeling greatly entertained but with the feeling that you have seen an authentic view of modern crime.1990
Lousy history, absolutely perfect filmmaking.1991
A lurid psychological thriller that's sexy, nasty and a lot of fun.1992
Set a standard for CG-beasties that remained unmatched for many years, and still stands as one of the best of its kind.1993
Athough it hits any number of gaping credibility potholes on its careening journey around LA, it delivers the goods as a non-stop actioner that scarcely pauses to take a breath.1994
The director handles the violence with sensitivity, announcing its obscenity in spoken analyses and briefly glimpsed post mortem shots, but never showing the murderous acts.1995
Everything feels anti-climactic after the fireworks, but the moral is clear: it's the end of the world as we know it. And we feel fine.1996
Leaves the audience smiling and giggling, all the while painting a convincing and touching portrait of the downtrodden in England.1997
Ultimately concerned less with specific tactical maneuvers or combat suffering than with the grand contradictions of life.1998
You can call it irresponsible. Or you can call it the only essential Hollywood film of 1999.1999
It's all pretty confusing, but then again, so were many of the classic film noirs.2000
Critic QuoteMovieYear
The director racks up the tension to unbearable levels in a spooky shocker that's worthy of any comparison with M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense.2001
This stands as the best future noir since Blade Runner.2002
Plays like a flashy highlight reel from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.2003
A negative and spiritually underwhelming experience.2004
A hard-hitting film whose seemingly unconnected stories and characters intersect boldly, jolting us into a raw awareness of the volatility of ethnic mix in which we live.2005
A political fable in the guise of a fairy tale. Or maybe it's the other way around.2006
This is death and war as ancient poets might have imagined it, glorious and provocative ... a powerhouse actioner.2007
Captures perfectly the breathless thrill, fear and fascination of first love.2008
An intriguing, time-hopping set-up is wasted on obnoxious characters, celebrity cameos and crass attempts at humour.2009
The dialogue zings with period flourish and point-blank delivery.2010
What a beautiful-looking mess.2011

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