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Storytelling German brothers
A Hungarian stew made with paprika
A country and city of the same name
A Russian work camp
Is it a restaurant? Is it a pub? Could it be both?
Animals hunted for food and/or sport
A collection of geese
Organ for storing bile
An over-indulger
A wooden mallet famously used by judges
The first French president
Russian dramatist and author of 'The Government Inspector'
Canadian ice-hockey player nicknamed 'The Great One'
Sacred Indian river
A German percussian instrument
Author of 'The Pelican Brief'
The title character of F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous work
South American islands famous for their contribution to Darwin's theory of evolution
A big friendly German dog breed
French fashion designer and host of Eurotrash, also know for his line of perfumes
Spanish architect and figurehead of Catalan Modernism

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