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Can you name the History and Perspectives of Psychology?

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 searches for the causes of behavior in the functioning of genes
 searches for the causes of behavior in the functioning of genes
 emphasizes changes that occur across our lifespan.
 our actions are a direct result of the way we process information from our environment.
 finds the source of our actions in the environmental stimuli, rather than in inner mental processes
 suggests we are motivated by the energy of irrational desires generated in our unconscious minds.
 emphasizes human ability, growth, potential and free will.
 emphasizes the importance of social interaction, social learning and a cultural perspective.
 perspective that views behavior and personality as the products of enduring psychological characteristics
 erroneous assertions or practices set forth as being scientific psychology
 Father of modern Psychology
 Wrote 'Origin of Species'
 The best known psychodynamic psychologist

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