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Game bird, coastal/chaparral bird. Feathers on head.
White on neck Looks like Canada Goose.
Grey body. Black chin and crown with white around eye. Sings its name.
Yellow faced warbler with black around eyes and black chin.
Non native. Dark with white speckling all over.
Reddish-pink throat
Green top, white bottom. Short bill.
Coastal/chaparral Jay. Brownish back.
Ground bird with thick body, grey on top and orange/brown underside.
Short, fine-tipped bill and brown mottled plumage.
Gray brown bird with faint streaks on chin, lighter belly.
Woodpecker with white stripes on back, and white spotted belly
Black U-pattern on neck, yellow underside. Mottled back.
Males can be bright red, short and dark streaks on chest.
Upturn bill, orange reddish neck.
Black head/wings, brown body and white belly. White spots on wings.
Coarse brown markings on chest and wings
Wading bird with long, curved beak
Red eyes. Black (male) or dark grey (female) with a mohawk.
Dark breast band. Black U-pattern from horn to horn.
Gruiform with bright yellow bill.
Reddish brown face with green eye patch.
Warbler with olive top and yellow underside
Dagger-shaped bill, banded tail, belt on belt (greyish-blue)
Brown crown, red cheeks, striped back, spotted belly (woodpecker)
Non urban Tyrant (flycatcher), brownish body with peach underside and black tail.
Big black bird
Large owl, barred underside.
Shorebird with dark double breast band.
Gruiform with lobed toes. Grey body, black head.
Sound like they are crying. Long, pointed tail (white tips).
Face and neck speckled, green behind eye, white face, small blue-gray bill. Green on wings.
Mountain bird with red wax on wings and yellow tipped tail.
Yellow bird, male with red head and blackish back, pale wingbars and yellow shoulder.
Found in desert, crested with long tail.
Dark reddish brown, teal on shoulders, green on wings.
Ruby-reddish throat
Orange bottom, dark blue top.
Yellow underside, white bars on wings.
Brown upperside and head, tail with brown bars. White eye pattern.
Blue head and wings, with orange brown on top of chest and some of the back.
Pale gray bird with long tail and white barring on wings. Annoying song.
White eye pattern, brown bands on tail. Mottled grey body.
Purple crown and throat.
Urban flycatcher, white belly, black body
Greenish gray above and below with 2 whitish wing bars.
Clownish face patter, dark back, white belly
Largest wren, spotted chin and underside. Brown head and mottled back.
Diurnal, small owl.
Bown body, curved bill and long tail (mimid)
Grey-brown bird with long tail and short bill. Eats insects from trees and bushes, flies in a flock.
2 crests line their head
Diurnal raptor with reddish brown on shoulder and breast.
Black head cap, eats insects in bark, narrow bill.
Large & white
Fly all the time. White throat, T-pattern on breast. Black body and wings. White tips on secondaries.
Nocturnal bird. Speckled grey and brown with filoplumes near bill.
Smallest North American falcon
Bird predator with long, banded tail and streaking pattern on body.
Beige body, white face with heart-shaped border.
Migratory. Black face and upper chest. Brown body that fades to white.
Black 'superhero' mask, bright yellow throat.
Blackish head and back, mohawk. Blue and black bars on wings, banded tail.
White throat, stubby bill. Impales prey.
Yellow butt, yellow on back of head and neck. Grey and white blotching on chest
Grey body with bright yellow face/head. Tiny red feather on shoulders.
Reddish brown wren with fewer tail lines.
Nest parasites. Male has dark brown head with black body. Female finely streaked.
Bill looks like a spatula, long and broad.
Shorebird with needle-like bill, dark brown wings with black shoulder, neck white on front and grey in back.

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