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Which two characters who appear during Marineford have mythical zoan powers?
Which Arlong pirate reappears in Sabaody?
What was the name of the pirate Sanji fed?
What is Aokiji's real name?
Where was Nico Robin born?
Which character is directly responsible for Ace's death?
Where was Gol. D Roger born?
Who is Luffy's father?
What title is given to Red Haired Shanks?
Is Luffy's fruit a Logia, Paramecia or Zoan type?
Who was Whitebeard's 1st division commander?
What was Chimney's cat called?
What is Whitebeard's real name?
Who was the main antagonist of the Drum Island arc?
Which of the 11 Supernovas had a higher bounty than Luffy at first appearance?
How many Admirals appear at Marineford?
Under whose command was Coby before he joined the marines?
Who is Helmeppo's father?
Who created One Piece?
Which character uses the Mero Mero No Mi?

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