Literature Quiz / One Piece Dressrosa Arc Trivia, Part 1 (Spoilers!)

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Do you know your One Piece Dressrosa Arc Trivia? (Beware Spoilers!)

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How many others joined the Strawhats on their ship during the journey to Dressrosa
Where did Law and others meet Doflamingo for Caesar's exchange
What is the name of the small, very strong people who live beneath Green Bit
Which newly assigned Admiral crashed the Caesar exchange party
What is the name of the beautiful dancer who Sanji became infatuated with
Which pirates rule over Dressrosa
Which fake name does Luffy enter into the tournament with
What is the prize of winning the Colosseum battle
Who is the captain of the Beautiful Pirates
What is the name of the pink haired female gladiator
Who wins the A Block fight
Who wins the B Block fight
Who wins the C Block fight
Who wins the D Block fight
What is the name of the character who stole Zoro's sword
What is the name given to Usopp by the Tontatta tribe
Who has the power to turn anything into abstract art
Who was Rebecca's mother
To which location do Sanji, Nami, Brook, Chopper and Momo head after Sanji & Law's fight with Doflamingo
What is the true identity of the masked Colosseum fighter 'Ricky'
Which antagonist from the Jaya arc returns in Dressrosa
Law's plan to blow up the SMILE factory was conjured up in order to bring about Doflamingo's downfall by the hands of which Yonko
Who comes back from the dead in chapter 731
Which animal costume does Zoro wear
Who is the user of the Ishi Ishi no Mi (Stone Stone Fruit)

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