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How many people are sent down with the delinquents?
How many delinquents were captured from Mount Weather in 'We are Grounders Part 2'
Why was Nate Miller arrested?
Who does Clarke first hookup with at the start of the franchise?
Who was Octavia's first live interest who dies in season one?
What episode does Lincoln first appear in?
Who gave Raven the nickname little bird?
Who betrays Clarke and her army at Mount Weather?
Raven is the first zero-g mechanic in how many years?
My sister,
What is the name of Clarke's adopted night blood in 'Praimfya' ?
What station is Pike from on the ark?
Who is hires Dax to kill Bellamy in season one?
Who was the first commander?
Who says 'the ark needs unity now more then ever'
What is the first episode in which Bryan appears?
When Bellamy finds Lincolns diary how many people/lines are crossed out?
Jus drein,
Who kicks the box in which Murphy falls into the noose?
Who is the first to get attacked by the grounders in season one?
Who is Murphy's main love interest?
How many people were killed in the culling on the ark?
Who is guarding Lincoln in season one along with Bellamy?
How does Lexa die?
What episode does Jasper die in?
Who goes with Jaha to find the 'City of light' ?
What is episode one season two called?
In the bombings in 'Unity day' who is one of the people killed?
After eating the Hallucinogens what does Bellamy see?
Who attempted to help the 48 in mount weather?
Who was teaching earth skills on the ark?
Who is the actor who plays Bryan?
Safe passage on your travels,
What did Jake give Clarke just before he got floated?
Who was Octavia second to?
Who kills Roan?
Why were Monty and Jasper arrested on the ark?
What does Jasper see after eating the Hallucinogens?
What does Octavia give Jasper to make sure the grounders stay away?
Who did Lincoln tell his name to?
Who is Montys main love intrest in season three?
Your fight is over in trigadeslang
What is the name of the project they're doing sending everyone to earth?
President of Mount weather
Jahas son
Jahas first name
Where does Finn find a pencil in season one?
What is Bellamy and Octavias mothers name?
What is Clarkes dads name?
May we

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