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Who stole Twilgiht's crown?
What animal does Spike turn into?
Who helps Twilight stand up in the school?
Where does Pinkie get her pen from?
What does Pinkie open the bottle of Apple Cider with?
Who does Applejack say not to trust?
When Twilight meets Fluttershy, who does Fluttershy see when she's being shy?
Twilight sleeps on a bed made of what?
Twilight finds a...
What does Rarity do when she finds Twilight?
When Rainbow Dash challenges Twilight to a game of soccer, how many points does the winner have to get?
Principal Celestia says 'My door is always open.', and then what does she do?
What does Twilight ask for extra of when she orders a drink with Mrs.Cake?
When Twilight goes back to her friends after spilling her drink over Flash, what does she do?
What do Pinkie Pie's earrings have on them when she's getting ready for the dance?
What colour is Fluttershy's dress?
After Flash Sentry asked Twilight to the dance again, what did he do?
What happens to Sunset Shimmer when she puts on Twilight's crown?
What dance can we see Scootaloo do?
Does Twilight have a crush on Flash Sentry in both worlds?

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