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When Lorelai heard about Christopher's new gilfriend's name, she said,'Poor girl, she was named after a ___ song.'
When Christopher took Lorelai to a barn to see a movie, what movie did they see?
After Richard had his heart attack, and Lorelai and Rory came for Friday night dinner, what did Emily serve during cocktail hour?
At what time did Lorelai and Rory typically arrive at Friday night dinner?
When Lorelai and Rory spend the night at Sookie's house because they have termites, what movie does Sookie suggest that they watch?
What did Lorelai always crave when she was pregnant with Rory?
What did Lorelai once say, that she hates using?
Whom does Lorelai picture when she thinks about writing letters?
What did Lorelai say would be easier if she were related to God?
What was Richard's pet-name for Gran?
What is the name of the book that Jess wrote?
What three colleges does Rory apply to?
Of the colleges that Rory applies to, which ones is she accepted into?
What CD did Lorelai steal from Rory in the Pilot?
What dessert is 'to die for'?
What is Lorelai's favorite movie?
What was the name of Lorelai's 'father's grandmother's sister's girl'?
What music group was Lorelai's favorite music group when she was 16?
According to Lorelai, when is everything magical?
When Lorelai talks to Rory about being in love, whom does Lorelai tell Rory to pretend she is dating?

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