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Can you fill in the Buffy character names?

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QuoteCharacterSaid by
_____! Don’t want to be late on your first day!
(Look, if you're gonna be popping up with this cryptic man act on a regular basis, can you at least tell me your name?) _____.
(New Watcher.) ________________. It’s very nice to meet you.
You can take ____ shopping for back-to-school supplies.
I'm a TA, I'll be helping the professor out. I'm sorry, I've forgotten my manners in all the concussion... I'm _____.
(I'm new. I'm Buffy.) ______. Is me. Hi.
That's what I like to hear. Almost time to wake up, ____.
Hi, I’m ________. If you’re looking for a textbook of your very own, there’s probably a few in the library.
Shut up, ______! You're just mad I wouldn't build you Christina Ricci.
I am ______, the Vampire Slayer.
____________, I happen to believe that one can function in modern society without being a slave to the idiot box.
(Buffy? I like that. That girl's so hot, she's buffy.) It's her name, _______.
Oh, no, I have someone waiting. Otherwise I'd... ___________. I'm at Kresge Hall.
I'm _______, the librarian.
______! You’re so much the person I wanted to see.
Thank you, ________. Did we forget something? (Um... Cinnamon, chocolate, half-caf, nonfat…Extra foam!)
Yeah, ____? Guys, quiet. Do you have a suggestion?
Call me _____. Never was nobody's daddy.
QuoteCharacterSaid by
_______! They called and said the dress is ready. It’s so great! Mitch is gonna die!
This is ___. He gave me his stethoscope.
________. You shouldn't be walking around. You're weak.
Hi, __________. (Hi, Willow. Hi, honey. Did you, uh, do all this?)
Most beauteous and supremely magnificent one, this dark spell I hold in my worthless and scabby hand is our gift to you, most tingly and wonderful _________.
Hi, ___. I didn't know you wanted to be a cheerleader. You lost a lot of weight.
I'm ___________. I'm the mayor of Sunnydale.
(I mean, don't you think we should be hiding our asses on the other side of the globe?) _______! (No, she's not wrong.)
Oh. You have to meet ____. She just moved here, and her dad just bought—what was it—oh. A utility. Or something.
Well, you'll have a lot of fun. ___________—she's quite a character. I’m a TA, I’ll be helping the professor out.
____, man! What do you think? (Of what?) Cordelia, man!
Buffy. Take a look. These letters contain references to an ancient power known as ________.
I'm looking for ______. Do you know where ______ is? And if you do, could you tell me?
It's okay, I got it. You're Buffy, right? I’m _____.
Hey, ______, what do you think of the blonde chick? Mattressable, n'est pas? Riley's not down. Doesn't like her.
Our new Führer, ________.
(Who are you?) _____. You're that Anointed guy. I read about you. You've got Slayer problems. That's a bad piece of luck.

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